IMG_20151124_133741520My name is Lisa Ingram and I love making pots, vases, bowls, jugs… anything useful for the home or garden, but with the added twist of a slightly quirky style, particularly when it comes to handles. I work from my home studio and my pots are both thrown on the wheel and hand-built – sometimes a combination of both techniques.

Having grown up on the south coast, I take inspiration from the sea when it comes to decorating my pots, predominantly using glazes in different hues of blue, although occasionally some other colours do get a look in. Spots and stripes are also recurring decorative themes.

Most of the time I work with stoneware clay which is fired to a very high temperature and is therefore quite robust and certainly dishwasher-safe. Garden pots are also frost-hardy.

I hope you like taking a look at my work. Drop me an email if anything interests you, or if you’d like to know the (very reasonable!) price of anything.